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We know you lead a busy life, juggling work, family, and everything in between. So why not let us take one thing off your plate. We’re thrilled to unveil our latest addition: the Gold Wash Membership, your ultimate solution for a sparkling clean car all year long! For just $39 per month, you can enjoy our premium Gold Wash package at a significantly reduced rate. This membership is designed to provide you with convenience, savings, and flexibility, ensuring your car always looks its best without the hassle.

What are the benefits?

1. Convenience at Your Fingertips: Make a clean car part of your lifestyle effortlessly. With our subscription service, your car is always clean and ready to go, seamlessly integrated into your busy schedule. 

2. Unlock Savings: Subscribe for only $39 per month and enjoy our Gold Wash at a reduced rate. That’s $240 in annual savings, giving you more to spend on what you enjoy! 

3. Flexibility You Can Count On: Life happens, and we get it. With our subscription, you have the flexibility to pause or upgrade by adding more vehicles. No stress, no hassle—just control over your car care schedule. Want to dive deeper into the details? Head over to our blog to learn more about how our membership works and why it’s the perfect fit for your on-the-go lifestyle.

How to subscribe?

Sign in or create an account on our website or mobile app. Select “Membership” in the menu and subscribe.

Subscribing to the Gold Wash Membership is quick and easy. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign In or Create an Account:
    • Visit our website or mobile app.
    • If you already have an account, simply sign in. If not, create a new account by providing the necessary details.
  2. Select “Membership”:
    • Once you’re signed in, navigate to the menu and select the “Membership” option.
  3. Subscribe:
    • Follow the prompts to complete your subscription. Enter your payment details and confirm your membership.

*The membership is currently available in LA and Orange Counties. 



Q1: What is the Gold Wash Membership?

  • The Gold Wash Membership is a monthly subscription that offers our premium Gold Wash package at a discounted rate of $39 per month.

Q2: Where is the Gold Wash Membership available?

  • It is currently available in LA and Orange Counties.

Q3: What is included in the Gold Wash Membership?

  • The membership includes our standard Gold Wash package.

Q4: Are there any additional costs?

  • Add-ons and larger-size vehicles are not included and will need to be paid for at checkout.

Q6: Is there a minimum commitment period?

  • Yes, the minimum commitment period is 6 months. Early cancellation before this period incurs a $39 fee.

Q7: Can I pause my membership?

  • Yes, you can pause your subscription for up to 1 month every 6 months. The commitment period will be extended accordingly.

Q8: How does the payment process work?

  • Billing is automatic at $39 per month to your chosen payment method, occurring on the same date each month based on the subscription start date.

Q9: How do I change my payment method?

  • To change your payment method, please contact our customer support team.

Q10: What happens if I cancel my membership before 6 months?

  • If you cancel before completing the 6-month commitment period, you will be charged a $39 cancellation fee. After 6 months, you can cancel without any additional fees.



In recent years, the rise of mobile car wash services has marked a significant shift in how we maintain our vehicles. Not only do they offer convenience, coming directly to the customer to clean their vehicle, but they also bring with them a suite of environmental benefits. This article explores how mobile car washes are paving the way for a greener, more sustainable approach to car maintenance.

1. Reduced Water Usage

Traditional car washes can use up to 50 gallons of water per vehicle, a number that quickly adds up considering the millions of cars washed daily worldwide. Mobile car washes, on the other hand, often utilize water-efficient practices, such as using high-pressure nozzles that significantly lower water consumption. Some services have even adopted waterless washing techniques, which rely on eco-friendly products to clean cars without a single drop of water.

2. Prevention of Water Pollution

When cars are washed on streets or driveways, the runoff water—laden with dirt, oil, and detergent—flows into storm drains and eventually into rivers, lakes, and oceans, polluting these bodies of water. Mobile car washes mitigate this issue by using biodegradable soaps and ensuring that dirty water is collected and disposed of properly, preventing harmful chemicals from entering the natural water cycle.

3. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Many mobile car washes are committed to using environmentally safe cleaning products. These solutions are not only gentle on the planet but also safe for the technicians who use them and the vehicle owners. By avoiding harsh chemicals, mobile car washes ensure that vehicles are not only clean but also that the cleaning process does not contribute to the degradation of the environment.

4. Energy Efficiency

Without the need for large, stationary facilities, mobile car washes inherently consume less energy. They eliminate the need for the energy-intensive mechanisms of traditional car washes, such as conveyor belts and blow dryers, further reducing their carbon footprint.

5. Reducing Your Environmental Impact

Choosing a mobile car wash service doesn’t just save time; it also signifies a step towards reducing your personal or business’s environmental impact. It’s a simple yet effective way to contribute to water conservation efforts, reduce pollution, and support the use of eco-friendly products.


The shift towards mobile car wash services represents a win-win for both the consumer and the environment. As awareness grows and technology advances, these services are set to become even more efficient and environmentally friendly. By opting for a mobile car wash, you’re not just getting a clean car; you’re also making a choice that supports a healthier, more sustainable planet. Let’s embrace this eco-friendly approach to car maintenance and drive towards a greener future.

Let’s Make a Difference

Choosing Washos means supporting a cleaner, healthier planet without compromising on the quality of your car’s care. Take advantage of our Earth Month special and book your eco-friendly car wash today.

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