Halloween is over but we have some car wash horror stories that will freak you out or at least make you laugh.  We gathered information from blogs, forums and other crevices of the internet where we could find the best examples of why automatic and self-serve carwashes are a thing of the past. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Washing your own car

“Yeah, I have a horror story for you. I actually washed my own car once. Never again.”


2. Not-kid friendly


Automatic car washes can be terrifying. You’re stuck in a confined space with large machines hitting your car while spraying high-pressured water at you, making extremely loud noises as you drive through. It’s no wonder kids and pets are often afraid when they go through one for the first time.

3. Taking a car with an opinion through a self-wash: AI vs Carwash

As shared in “Modern Cars Are Freaking Out In Carwashes“ by Justin T. Westbrook “Modern cars are equipped with all sorts of fancy new safety equipment. A side-effect of all those automated braking systems and other goodies is that your car might freak the hell out in an automated car wash, kind of like trying to get a dog into a bathtub.” We couldn’t agree more! The truth is that a car wash can end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs if you choose to go the cheaper/faster route.

4. Employee negligence

“I saw my Accord rolling pretty quickly right through the wash track as if she just stopped the car and left it in drive mode. I then see the attendant running after my car trying to stop it, but too late, BOOM. My nearly 1year old Accord crashes right into the back of a bright red Ford Ranger pickup truck as I watched in horror and other employees of the car wash scramble to shut off the machines. I was assured by a couple employees that there was ‘no damage’ to the vehicle and no contact was made between my car and the truck. After I inspected the car once getting home, sure enough, there was damage. ”

Damaged vehicles are a common outcome with automatic car washes. Wash bay curtains are expensive to repair therefore car wash owners don’t always spend time and money fixing small tears that inevitably happen over time. These tares can hook on windshield wipers and antennas that can be found on most luxury cars. Not to mention all the leftover dirt and rocks from the previous cars can cause major damage to your car’s exterior.

5. Woman discovers ultimate horror at a carwash

A veterinarian who took a trip to the carwash in 2013 found a fragment of a human face on the floor of the bay car wash. “Per Courthouse News Service, Kimberly Kriege brought her truck to a Livingston carwash on Sept. 30, 2013, and made a gruesome discovery on the bay floor: part of a human face.” We can’t make this stuff up!

The moral of the story is why drive out of your way and go through these horrors? The reality is, we’re all busy and that’s exactly why we created Washos.  We wanted to bring the convenience of the car wash to your doorstep without the damage, inconvenience and crying children. Washos Pros are fully equipped and trained extensively in all the best practices to care for the interior and exterior of your car.  Feeling green?  Us too. We offer eco-friendly options to make the planet smile and your car squeaky clean!  It’s 2018, why not get a certified detailer at your door with just a few clicks?